There is some hope after all?

There is some hope after all?

Some encouraging news on what would otherwise be a tough day (9-11).  When we all pitch in to a common cause, saving the planet, we can actually make a difference.  What’s amazing is that the earth seems to be naturally recovering as well.  This is great news.  And for those of us trying to make a difference in the world of green energy, this is especially encouraging.  Why?  Because we are actively trying to not just change the world – but in some cases, hope and believe that it will recover some of what we lost.  Perhaps that sounds a bit corny – but it is certainly true that we at ITD want to change the world and how the world sees and uses energy.

Ozone layer showing ‘signs of recovery’

The ozone layer that shields the Earth from the Sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays is showing signs of thickening, after years of getting thinner.

The ozone layer is the part of the Earth’s upper atmosphere where ozone, a form of oxygen gas, is found.

It absorbs UV radiation, preventing most of it from reaching us on the ground. This is important as UV radiation can lead to skin cancer.

The largest hole in the ozone layer appears over Antarctica.

But this hole has also stopped getting bigger, suggesting the ozone layer is beginning to recover.