MacLeod Bradley

Dr. Bradley MacLeod

Bradley A. MacLeod, PhD is a multi-disciplinary device physicist and materials scientist. His research in the areas of solar and renewable energy technologies is driven by his passion for environmentally friendly energy sources. Using his custom-built spectroscopy experiment, Dr. MacLeod’s work during his doctoral thesis focused on investigating the photophysical response of organic solar cells upon surface modification of electrodes. As a Postdoctoral Researcher at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Dr. MacLeod published several papers on solution-based methods for improving device performance and stability in organic photovoltaics. He quickly adapted these techniques to improving the photoresponse of group III-V semiconductors for the purpose of hydrogen fuel generation by solar water-splitting.

Dr. MacLeod brings a diverse background in materials science, device physics, and engineering solutions to the team at International ThermoDyne.

PhD Chemistry and Nanotechnology, University of Washington

BS Electrical Engineering, University of Alaska Fairbanks