Chemelewski Will

Will Chemelewski, PhD

Will Chemelewski, Ph.D. is a materials scientist with experience in computer science and semiconductor electronics. As an undergraduate he worked on computational materials structure prediction and interned at a CIGS solar panel startup – his first exposure to the fast paced, exciting world of new product development. His doctoral research – supported under a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship – focused on utilizing solar energy to produce hydrogen for use in current and future applications. From these studies he developed a wide range of skills in materials synthesis, characterization, design, and multi-disciplinary research and problem solving. He is excited to characterize PhelTex under realistic conditions, take a systems approach to design, and develop balance of system components necessary for the deployment of PhelTex in a variety of applications.

PhD Materials Science & Engineering, University of Texas

BS Materials Science & Engineering, University of Illinois

BS Engineering Physics, University of Illinois