Someone Needs to Solve This

Someone Needs to Solve This

See if this sounds familiar.

It’s the end of the day, you need to meet someone at a specific date and time.  Something has changed – just slightly, you need to communicate with the other person – BUT your cellphone is all but dead.

So, that was me this last week.  I was with my daughter at college orientation (I won’t say which college – go Tigers) last week and 3 hours into orientation I was down to 60% battery on my phone.  By 5 o’clock my battery was down to 30%.  I knew I wasn’t gonna last the day.  Now, I saw plenty of folks who brought chargers and were living near the wall outlets to get that much needed 10 minute charge.  But, I was not that prepared.  Sure enough at the end of the day I had 1% charge and was desperate to try and talk to my daughter to let her know where I was.  Fate allowed us to connect – but no thanks to my iPhone battery. Ugh.  I wish PowerFelt was already in the market.  I could have easily lasted another 2 hours – if not longer.

As I tell my friends – PowerFelt is just a matter of WHEN.

Until then, keep your chargers handy.