PowerFelt has changed it’s name to PhelTex. Why the change?  We feel that PhelTex better describes our material.

P – ower
H – arvesting
EL – ectrical
TEX – tile

A MULTI-HARVESTER, PhelTex converts energy from HEAT & MOTION and converts it into ELECTRICITY

PhelTex harvests the heat and motion which occur naturally in our environment and converts that energy into usable electrical energy. What makesPhelTex truly unique is that it captures both heat and motion energy in the same flexible, thin, cloth-like  material.  These unique properties open up a huge variety of applications otherwise not possible.

PhelTex has the ability to switch from an energy harvester to a HEATING/COOLING device.

Like any thermoelectric material, PhelTex has the capability of acting as a heating or cooling device.  Imagine shirts/socks/jackets that are constantly heating or cooling as required.  Perhaps you want a blanket that can heat or cool on demand.  All with no moving parts.

PhelTex has the ability to change the way we view energy in the world. It can  provide portable, inexpensive, renewable electricity and revolutionize the way we create, distribute, and use power.

Heat + Motion = Electrical Power

Tremendous advances have been made in the past year and improvements continue.
Because of its unique form factor, PhelTex can be incorporated into applications
otherwise impossible or impractical for traditional thermoelectrics.

PhelTex is

The source of
power is either


The output is electricity

extreme versatility and adaptability

We envision seeing PhelTex in all types of industries and products ranging from remote sensors, clothing, wearable electronics, cell phones, tents and even buildings.

internet of things

PhelTex can be the power source for virtually endless opportunities and connections to take place with objects that are off of the grid.


PhelText can be built into wearable electronics including casual and athletic wear, accessories, fitness trackers, watches, and footwear.

portable electronics

PhelTex can be used to extend the battery life of portable electronics. We aim to one day be able to completely power a cell phone with PhelTex.

outdoor lifestyle

PhelTex could be used by recreational outdoorsmen, the military, and disaster relief teams and incorporated into tents, clothing and boots, and backpacks to provide critically needed power in remote areas.


With PhelTex we’ve reinvented the way to harvest energy and create electricity and now it’s up to our partners to find the best ways to change the world with it.

Intellectual Property = Worldwide Patents

Understanding that PhelTex is a unique material means protecting it.  Currently, PhelTex has patents issued in the
European Union and Australia, with patents pending in the U.S. and other major countries around the world.

ITD is inventing new technology monthly and has a very active I.P. team working with us to make sure we are properly protected.

With PhelTex you’ll change the way you perceive power and the opportunities around you.