IoT Devices are small.  They are meant to be unobtrusive.  They are meant to work in the background.  No one wants to change a battery.  PhelTex!

The internet of things (IoT) is the future of an interconnected world.  Devices that talk to each other and allow us insight into a world previously thought impossible.  Billions of remote sensors.
Batteries or PhelTex?

Imagine never having to charge your fitness tracker.

Your athletic wear should do more than just fit well.  It can provide safety features, it can provide performance data.  No batteries. PhelTex.

Your headphones should be wireless.  They should be battery-less too!

PhelTex could harvest heat and motion energy in your athletic wear to charge your phone.

Smart Textiles are the future.  They will provide information on your workout.  They will make you safer by making you more visible.  They will interact directly with your other devices. They will heat you up – or cool you down.

They SHOULD NOT require batteries.

Imagine not always looking for an outlet to plug-in your device.

Imagine having some control over when you run out of power.

Imagine always being able to make that last call or send that last text.

Imagine not having to be plugged-in to the wall.

Mobile Electronics are the biggest consumers of battery power today.  Everyone wants to have a portable device that lasts longer than one day.  What about a system that could charge your device even when you don’t have access to an outlet?

Imagine how much heat and motion energy you could harvest from this tent. PhelTex could be integrated into the material so it’s completely transparent to the camper!

Let’s keep those legs warm.  Embedding PhelTex directly into the pant material could heat things up.

PhelTex could be added to your clothing to harvest your heat and motion energy.

PhelTex could heat your tent.

PhelTex could be added to your clothing to keep you warm.

Imagine being able to harvest your own heat and motion energy tocharge your batteries when you’re away from the grid. At the same time,imagine using that same material to keep you warm.

By harvesting his head and motion energy, PhelTex could reduce the number of batteries a soldier needs to carry.

PhelTex can provide the critical power the modern soldier needs.

PhelTex in combat gear could heat or cool a soldier when appropriate.

PhelTex can help the mission by making the average soldiers life less burdensome.  Creating Power while in the field is a huge advantage.
Also, cooling in the desert creates an advantage.

Installed in the car’s panels, PhelTex could harvest the car’s heat and motion energy to improve gas mileage.

Installed close to the engine and exhaust, PhelTex could harvest the car’s significant wasted and motion heat energy.

PhelTex could be installed inside the car’s cabin to capture the occupants heat and motion energy.

Installed in a tire, imagine the motion energy PhelTex could harvest.

PhelTex could be embedded in cars and planes.
Housing materials could have PhelTex.
Shades, curtains and window frames made with PhelTex.

IMAGINE all the ways PhelTex could be used.

Help us Re-Invent Energy.