our vision

To change the way the world perceives and captures energy.

We are not a corporation, we are a team. We’re a mix of individuals who share a common vision.  Our goal is to change the way the world perceives, captures and uses energy.  We believe that we can power the world around us by creating unique devices that harvest energy from sources previously considered inert and converting that energy into electricity.  This might mean objects as mundane as chairs, carpeting, walls, clothing, blankets, construction material or even your skin.  Our team is here to help make that world a reality.

ITD seeks experts in a wide variety of disciplines.  We need experts in physics, chemistry, material science, electricity, mechanical engineering, system designs, circuit design, industrial design and general design.  Naturally, we need business acumen too.  We want smart, ambitious, determined people who are looking to change the world.  We also want people who are nice and fun because life is too short.  We want people that can be part of a team.  We want people that are passionate about a shared vision. If you think you’ve got the “right stuff” we’d love to hear from you.