Come Visit us at UNCC

Come Visit Us at UNCC

Hello everyone,

Below is the link to driving direction to CRI or Grigg building and also the address to use for GPS friendly address but for mail we normally use the university address and add the building name and room number. Hope this information helps.

UNC Charlotte
9320 Robert D. Snyder Road
Charlotte, NC 28223

Google Map Directions to Grigg Hall

Download Campus Directions & Parking

If you want to ship us something:

International ThermoDyne
Attn: Katie Hughes
9201 University City Blvd
Grigg 376
Charlotte, NC 28223

Someone Needs to Solve This

Someone Needs to Solve This

See if this sounds familiar.

It’s the end of the day, you need to meet someone at a specific date and time.  Something has changed – just slightly, you need to communicate with the other person – BUT your cellphone is all but dead.

So, that was me this last week.  I was with my daughter at college orientation (I won’t say which college – go Tigers) last week and 3 hours into orientation I was down to 60% battery on my phone.  By 5 o’clock my battery was down to 30%.  I knew I wasn’t gonna last the day.  Now, I saw plenty of folks who brought chargers and were living near the wall outlets to get that much needed 10 minute charge.  But, I was not that prepared.  Sure enough at the end of the day I had 1% charge and was desperate to try and talk to my daughter to let her know where I was.  Fate allowed us to connect – but no thanks to my iPhone battery. Ugh.  I wish PowerFelt was already in the market.  I could have easily lasted another 2 hours – if not longer.

As I tell my friends – PowerFelt is just a matter of WHEN.

Until then, keep your chargers handy.