International ThermoDyne is proud to introduce PowerFelt, a brand new energy harvester.


What is PowerFelt?

PowerFelt is a cloth-like, flexible material made up of carbon nanotubes that generates electricity by capturing thermoelectric and kinetic (piezo) energy. It harvests the nearly unlimited “free” energy all around us to create clean electric power. The technology is patent pending.

Originally conceived over five years ago in the nanotechnology labs of Wake Forest University, PowerFelt is ready for further development. International ThermoDyne is seeking partners who are interested in advancing the PowerFelt technology for use in their own applications and end products.

The past year has shown huge advances in the efficiency and output of PowerFelt, and progress continues. The power output is variable depending on the specific application, differences in temperature, range of motion, and the size of the material. PowerFelt is unique in its ability to bring thermoelectric harvesting to nearly any industry or product through its cloth-like format. If your product is exposed to a heat differential or constant motion, we can integrate PowerFelt to turn it into a power plant. 

Learn more about PowerFelt here, or click here to explore some of the places we expect to see PowerFelt very soon.

If you would like to learn more about International ThermoDyne, or think your company might be a good fit with PowerFelt, please fill out our contact form and we will get back with you as soon as possible!

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